Excavations 2012 closed

The excavations which have been taking place in Ipplepen the past month have now drawn to a close. The archaeological investigations will continue at Ipplepen next year.Much progress has been made for our understanding of this archaeological site. As well as some serious digging, recording and blogging, many fond memories have been created by all those who have taken part in the project, including students from the University of Exeter, Earthwatch volunteers, local volunteers from Ipplepen and professional archaeologists Marc, Ben, Sean and Mike who were responsible for the supervision and interpretation of the site. Many thanks go to Marc, Site Director and Director of Oakford Archaeology, Ben, Site Supervisor and Archaeological Specialist, Sean and Mike, Experimental Officers from the University of Exeter, Danielle Wootton, Finds Liason Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, Dr Ioana Oltean and Dr Martin Pitts, lecturers from the University of Exeter, Bill Horner, County Archaeologist for Devon County Council and Sam Moorhead, National Adviser for Iron Age and Roman Coins at the British Museum. A vote of thanks must also be passed on to the University of Exeter Annual Fund and Earthwatch whose financial support made this archaeological project possible. We would like to thank the public for their great enthusiasm for the project, the villagers at Ipplepen for their kind hospitality, and finally, our local heroes, Jim and Dennis who discovered the site in 2007.

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