Days Twenty One-Twenty Three

Day 21 saw the majority of the excavation finished on site, with only a few areas needing further exploration. There were some exciting finds for the last day, including several large pieces of Bronze Age pottery and an unfinished Neolithic arrowhead. Day 21 sadly was also the last day that the visitors center at the Hub was open.

Day 22 Was all about the final site photograph. The last few areas under excavation were finished, while the whole site was swept clean. This was to make sure that all the features showed up nicely in the picture, which was taken from 80 feet high from the platform of a cherry-picker.

Day 23 The final day on site has mainly involved cleaning tools and making sure all the records are up-to-date, before the site is back filled.

While this was happening several van-loads of equipment were taken back to Exeter for storage until the beginning of next years excavation season. The finds from the 2013 excavation were the first to arrive and conservation work has now begun.

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