Day 1

‘All systems go’ on site today as we start the 2015 season! What is really exciting about this year is that we are opening up two new trenches- too soon to say much about what might be in them yet, but make sure you check back here regularly as the excavation progresses in the coming days and weeks!

Just like last year we are in The Hub Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00. But this year we have bigger and better displays, with children’s activities, maps, displays and even more. Also, the cafe is open next door all week too, so make sure to nip by for a cup of tea and some cake too!

Photographs from the first day to follow soon!

One thought on “Day 1”

  1. I’m in the US checking this blog daily. Can’t wait to see the pictures and and read the daily reports.

    Mary Pollinzi Brown
    Dallas, Texas

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