Final Monday of 2014

It has been a busy last Monday on site today, as everyone picked up the pace for the final push! The day started with Imogen giving a tour of the site to our fresh volunteers, but soon we were all at work in the trenches. Recent graduate Libby has been working in the roadside ditch, and found what might be some ancient Roman road-kill, in the form of some cow bones!  The weather was good for excavating in today apart from a spot of heavy rain which led to everyone gathering in the site tent for a while. After that work continued and a trench through the road was started. By digging through the road we hope expose a section of the road which will expose its stratigraphy, and hence its periods of use and repair.

Imogen showing new volunteers around the site

The Hub is up and fully running until the 31st, so make sure that you come and check out our photo displays, handling collections, and vast wealth of other materials whilst you still can!

Busy bagging up soil samples for wet sieving
Busy bagging up soil samples for wet sieving

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