Friday and Sunday

Friday was a great day to end the week. We recorded our 2000th small find (and then about another 70 more), found a red bead, which is particularly rare in Britain. This added to our swelling collection of beads that we have found. Minutes before we packed up for the day a large sherd of decorated Samian was found at the bottom of the roadside ditch (which will be great for helping to date it!). This sherd is of especially interesting since it seems that it might have been the lid of a vessel, again, something which is quite uncommon to find in Britain.

The overcast weather of Sunday was welcome respite from the scorching sun that was felt during the week. Today we found not one, not two, but three coins! One in the unstratified spoil, another through wet-sieving soil samples, and then finally one in a specific context! This brings the total number of coins found on site to a staggering 28!