Excavation day 12 (Sunday 19th June)

Roman amphora in situ (pale orange pottery on left)
Student Georgia washing finds


Sunday brought more rain and plenty more finds. The rain can make some features more visible, which helps us to see the bigger picture of the site and its features. The team have continued excavating and sectioning these features, and are reaching the bottom of some ditches and gulleys. After excavating these, there are lots of interesting and sometimes fragile sherds of pottery to be washed, dried and labelled. One of these can be seen above in situ. It is thought to be the body of an amphora, which is an incredible find, as so far the team have uncovered amphora handles, so it is great to have such a good example of the rest of this beautiful pottery on site. Here is a picture of the team planning the area before they can excavate it. Planning is a vital part of excavation – in the picture you can see a planning frame, which is used to plan the trench and features, so every stone and find is plotted and drawn to scale. Well done to Thea, an archaeology student who worked hard with Vicky and Danielle to plan and excavate this great find. She was excited to excavate such an interesting find, “I think it’s really amazing that we get to see something that was used thousands of years ago!”