Excavation day 15 (Wednesday 22nd June)

What a day! You may have seen a lot of articles today about our excavation and finds, and what it all means for Roman Britain. Here is a well written article from the Guardian. Have a look at our Facebook page and Twitter for more! We also welcomed some pottery experts on site today to analyse our wealth of pottery finds. Here are some pictures of the type of finds they have been analysing.

Beautiful sherd of pottery
Beautiful sherd of pottery with cross hatched decoration
Samian ware with bow and arrow decoration
Fragment of Roman Samian ware, decorated  with a figure holding bow and arrow








In other news, Jon (who has travelled all the way from America to excavate on our site!) and our University of Exeter students have made great progress on excavating the quern stones in the fifth layer of fill in a ditch. The quern stone now appears to be broken. The trench has yielded not only fragments of pottery, but also bone and charcoal, which can both be radiocarbon dated. Jon says “It’s brilliant to find something this large, we haven’t really found any other artefacts this size on the site.” We wish him and the team the best of luck with the rest of the excavation.

Stewart, Thea, Jon, Max and Eli with the quern stone ditch
Stewart, Thea, Jon, Max and Eli with the quern stone ditch
The impressive quern stone and ditch
The impressive quern stone and ditch

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