Excavation day 3 (8th June)

Student archaeologists Bethan and Simon sieving in the sun
Archaeology students Bethan and Simon sieving in the sun

A special hello

The team would like to say a special hello to Katy, the site’s ‘auntie’ who’s been a strong supporter since we first discovered the site. We’re all thinking of you, Katy, and hope you enjoy reading our blog.

The Excavation

A very hot day has seen the students and volunteers carefully planning and drawing the exposed features. The team have also been sieving the spoil heaps to see if there is anything to be found in the topsoil. Some pottery fragments were recovered which were then washed, dried and labelled and you can now look at some of these in the Hub.

The Hub

Today the Hub welcomed another wave of visitors, including some of our archaeology students, and a couple of them helped out in the Hub presenting the new finds to a visitor. We also had a special guest, Jim Wills, who is a very important person to the site, as he and the late Dennis Hewings originally discovered the site. Come along to see our new finds.