Excavation day 4 (9th June)

Volunteers Kathryn and Jonathan with their excavated ditch
Volunteers Kathryn and Jonathan with their nicely  excavated ditch

The excavation

The team enjoyed cooler weather today, and continued to photograph and plan the exposed features. Excavation of some features is underway, with gulleys, ditches and post holes being excavated. Kathryn, a local volunteer, and Jonathan, a volunteer from the USA, completed excavating their section of a ditch, which is possibly Medieval or later in date, as it is on the same alignment as some of the scars caused by ploughing. Jonathan is on his first excavation and said: “It is interesting to be able to excavate a ditch and hold pottery fragments in your hand that haven’t been held for hundreds of years!”

The Hub

Today we received lots of visitors excited to learn more about the site, and to come and see the new finds in our display case! Some visitors have followed our progress at Ipplepen over the years and are eagerly anticipating updates on the team’s progress. Keep following the blog to hear more!