Excavation day 8 – Tuesday 14th June

The excavation

Jay and his pottery find
Jay and his beautifully decorated pottery sherd
Eli and his pottery find
Eli and his Iron Age pottery finds








The team have continued to plan, draw and excavate various ditches, post-holes and other interesting features, which has been very rewarding. A lot of progress has been made despite the intermittent rain, and some of the team were reluctant to put down their tools for the day. Jay uncovered many interesting pottery finds, including his “best find yet”, this large fragment of beautifully decorated pottery. Eli also had a great find after excavating all day, discovering large fragments of late prehistoric pottery and burnt material. He said he was very fortunate and that “it is always a treat when you find something like that, it makes it all worthwhile.” Their finds will now be carefully washed, dried and labelled, a key process which the team have been working hard at.

The Hub

The Hub had a busy day today, with visitors from further afield who had seen the site on BBC’s Digging For Britain a while ago and came to hear updates. Our display case is quickly filling up with new discoveries. Tuesday’s additions are beautiful and international fragments of decorated Samian Ware, and a handle fragment of an amphora, probably from continental Europe. Visit us soon to see these amazing finds!