Excavation day 7- Monday 13th June

Enfys carefully excavating the mandible
Welcome to our new volunteers Andrew, Mary, Hilary and Dalton!

On Monday, many more features were planned and excavated, and more people began washing the pottery. In a prehistoric ditch, a student found a possible sheep mandible, which takes a lot of care to excavate, as shown by Enfys. We would like to give warm welcome to the enthusiastic new volunteers joining us this week- Andrew and Dalton, and we are welcoming back local villagers Mary and Hilary. Andrew enjoyed his first day on site and looks forward to the rest, “I can’t believe I’ve been on a site where such interesting pottery and features have turned up on my first day. It is brilliant to be part of a team and to work with such inspiring young people. I can’t wait for the rest of the week.” Thank you Andrew, we can’t wait to see what it may hold either!