Visit to Ipplepen Primary School, Thursday 18th May

Visit to Ipplepen Primary School, Thursday 18th May

On Thursday, the Project Team visited Ipplepen Primary School to deliver an afternoon workshop. Working with Class 4, Danielle Wootton gave a lesson on the types of food that would have been available to people living in the Ipplepen area during the Romano-British period. Pupils then used resource boxes to examine Roman pottery, and then had a ‘Roman feast’ trying foods which would have been eaten around 2,000 years ago.
During the second half of the workshop, Class 4 participated in a painting workshop, led by Sands School art teacher, support staff, and Sands school pupils. Class 4 used themes based around Romano-British food production such as farming, foraging, keeping animals and trade as inspiration for their paintings. The artwork will go on display at the Hub, Ipplepen Methodist Church, during weekdays from June 6th to 29th June.
Here are some quotes from Class 4:
‘It’s brilliant and amazing!’
‘I loved exploring what it was like in Roman times and trying their food.’
‘The best thing was the tasting- it was delicious especially the cheese and honey.’
‘Archaeology is amazing in every way.’
‘I learned they didn’t have tomatoes or pineapples!’
‘When we did the quiz, I found out what food existed in Roman times. I didn’t know about food in Roman times before.’
‘I learned more than I’ve ever heard before about the Romans and love the activities we did.’

19 school pupils participated in the workshop and 3 Sands school students generously came along to help. We look forward to seeing Ipplepen Primary school pupils on their visit to our excavation in June.

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